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    If Not For The Horses        
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    His story begins at the age of 11, when Hitler and Stalin had made a pact to return all German citizens to Germany from countries to be overrun by the Soviet Union. As Stalin's troops moved in on the farm, the Klemm family packs their wagons for the trek back to Germany. The family is split apart, and Joe, his younger bother Al, their mother Meta and others begin their unforgettable journey west.

This 150 page story is full of stories of the hardships, the adventure, the things they did to entertain themselves, and the passion for life that burned inside Joe even at such a young age.


Florida was fun now it's home to Michigan for a few weeks before  our departure date for a spring time adventure in Austria!


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    The Art                

Dabbling in painting since the late 50's, Joe has finally found some time to sit back and enjoy his creative time behind the canvas.

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Horses If Not For The Music Bay City


    The Music                
      From the gypsy himself! Joe recorded some personal favorites and timeless classics. A must have if you enjoy accordion music.          



Joe Klemm - Father, Businessman, Author, Painter, Musician
Bay City, MI. 48706