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In 1952 three brothers emigrated from Europe, bringing with them the upholstery trade. In 1957 they opened their own furniture manufacturing plant named Klemm Brothers Upholstery and Furniture here in Bay City, at one point having up to 30 employees. In 1968 it changed to Luxury Upholstery, downsizing to less than 10 employees. Many upholsterers in the surrounding area came to us to buy from our large supply inventory. Within 10 years the transition from upholstery to wholesale ensued, and in 1978 Great Lakes Fabrics came to be. The second generation was brought into the business in 1985. Having been around upholstery all their lives, each has an abundance of upholstery knowledge to help answer our customers inquiries. Since it's inception Great Lakes Fabrics, Inc has enjoyed steady growth, expanding its customer base to include more of the Midwest. Now today with the Internet and the ability to post complete and updated catalogs at all times, it's time to present our company globally. We pride ourselves on our fast and friendly customer service.

Thank you for taking the time to look us over,
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Joe & Irma,  Mom & Dad,  J&I, Oma and Opa, The Parents !

Irma and Joe Klemm, Founders.
You'll never find better.

 Joe and Irma, Mom and Dad,
the boss and THE BOSS!

These two are the people that made all this possible.
Without their perseverance, guidance and yes, lots of sweat, 

none of this would be possible!

If you'd like to see what Joe has been up to since retirement Click Here

Great Lakes Fabrics, Inc.

1904 S. Wenona St.
Bay City, Michigan 48706
1.800.652.2358 - U.S. Toll Free
989.893.3311 - Local & International
  989.893.5875 - Fax

Business Hours: Mon - Fri  8:00am to 5:30pm E.T.
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