Aqualon Marine Canvas

Vinyl Coated Polyester Canvas. Made in USA.

60 inch - 1.524 meters wide
9 ounces per square yard a two-ply polyester duck double coated with a pigmented vinyl resin on the top side. The underside is coated with a durable water resistant finish.
65 yards - 58.50 meters per roll
Excellent dimensional stability and weight - to - strength ratio.
Remains flexible in all climates
Color will not rub off
Resistant to mildew, abrasions, water penetration, most petroleum products, ultra - violet rays, a wide range of acid and alkaline liquids.
Won't crack, peel, or harden
Easy clean up
All colors have a white underside
5 year manufacturer's limited warranty
Binding to this product
$ 31.30 per cut yard Retail
$ 26.30 20 - 49 yards Retail
$ 23.30 50 yards and up Retail

Canvas Roll Ends - Priced to Move Out!
We need the shelf space!
Limited to lengths of 3 yds. or less, and pieces on hand.
Must mention ("Move Out Pricing" to receive the special pricing).

$15.30 Retail while supplies last


5500 Black

5503 Forest

5504 Teal

5507 Red

5508 Ivory

5509 Burgundy

5512 Blue

5517 White

5518 Charcoal

5528 Navy

5542 Silver

5549 Tan

5569 Mediterranean Blue

5571 Misty Gray

40725 Dockside Linen


Aqualon Care & Cleaning

Proper maintenance is important if maximum life of the end product is desired.

1)  Keep dirt, leaves and other debris from accumulating on the fabric surface.  Washing the canvas down with a garden hose on a bright sunny day is recommended about once a month.

2)  To remove dirt from either side of the material, use a soft brush and a mild soap solution  such as Ivory, Woolite or Dreft. (Do Not use detergents or bleach)  Rinse thoroughly with clear water and let dry completely before rolling, stowing or storing. (Do Not store or roll while canvas is wet) Mildew growth will occur if canvas is folded and stored while wet.

3)  Avoid cleaning at a commercial car wash. (Do Not use a pressure washer or steam cleaner)

If the canvas has any tears, holes or seam failures, repair them immediately as to prevent the problem from getting bigger.


aqualon marine canvas

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