Top Gun Vinyl Coated
Polyester Marine Canvas

Made in the USA.

Great Lakes Fabrics carries the complete color line of Top Gun vinyl coated polyester marine canvas. Top Gun is one of the strongest most durable canvas on the market today!

62 inches - 157.48 centimeters wide
11 ounces - 311.8448 grams per yard
50 yards - 45 meters per roll
100% polyester high count woven base fabric
Acrylic impregnation coated

Super high strength and abrasion resistant
Stabilized - maximum stretch or shrinkage less than 1%
Mildew and ultra-violet resistant - water repellent
DuPont Zepel Finish - #1 against rain and stains
5 year Limited Warranty
Binding to match this product

$ 19.00 per cut yard Retail

*Premium Top Gun Canvas Colors:
Burgundy - 477 Sunset Red
      464 Royal Blue

$ 19.75 per cut yard Retail *Premium Colors


458 Charcoal

459 Taupe

461 Sand

462 Aquamarine

463 Caribbean Blue

464 Royal Blue*

465 Hemp Beige

466 Turquoise

467 Seagull Grey

468 Arctic White

469 Chocolate Brown

470 Buckskin Tan

471 Onyx Black

472 Indian Birch

473 Harbor Blue

474 Navy Blue

476 Burgundy*

477 Sunset Red*

478 Teal

479 Forest Green

TOP GUN™ fabric is finished to resist the growth of mildew. However, it should not be folded and stored while wet. Accumulations of dirt and animal droppings which can support growth of mildew and result in fabric staining, should be removed periodically by recommended cleaning methods.
The pigmentation in TOP GUN™ fabric will not migrate onto upholstery vinyls. If some surface rub-off should occur it can easily be removed with vinyl cleaner of mineral spirits. In areas where vigorous movement of the fabric against a hard surface will occur during use, use of a buffer strip is recommended.

TOP GUN™ fabric may be cleaned with a cleaning solution of 4 ounces of bleach and 2 ounces of mild soap mixed in one gallon of warm (100⁰ F) water. Do NOT use detergents. Use a soft, bristled brush to lift soil embedded in the fabric surface. Rinse thoroughly with clear water to remove soil and soap residue. After thorough cleaning and drying, water repellency may be reduced. The water repellency can be improved by an application of AQUA-TITE® GREEN water repellent.


Top Gun vinyl coated polyester marine canvas fabric fabrics

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