Allante Vinyl Upholstery Fabric

"The alternative to leather"

Width: 54 inches - 1.3716 m

Standard weight: 29.25 1.5 ounces/yard
Nominal total thickness: .045 .005 inches (45 5 mils)
Roll length: 40 yards
Abrasion resistance: No significant wear after 100,000
   double rubs with #8 cotton duck using the Wyzenbeek
    test method. No significant wear.
UV Stabilized Pigment.
1000 Hour Weather Resistance
Mildew Resistant
-25 F cold crack resistance
Anti-static finish
Sulfide stain resistant
Oil resistant

*Flame Resistance:
   FMVSS 302
   California Flammability Regulation (Bulletin 117, Section E)
   BIFMA Class A
   UFAC Class 1

$ 37.90 per cut yard Retail
Ask for Allante (then Color Number & Name) when ordering

* This term and the corresponding data refer to typical performance in the specific test indicated and should not be construed to imply the behavior of this or any other material under actual fire conditions.


AL-02 Black

AL-04 Charcoal

AL-06 Ash

AL-08 Grey

AL-10 White

AL-14 Pine Mountain

AL-18 Galaxy
AL-21 Regimental Blue

AL-32 Burgundy

AL-34 Red Maple

AL-36 Wine

AL-38 Cinnamon

AL-42 Lambskin

AL-44 Cream

AL-46 Bisque

AL-58 Oxford

AL-62 Light Neutral

AL-64 Light Sand

AL-68 Teak

AL-70 Medium Grey

AL-72 Medium Neutral

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