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We sell wholesale to Upholstery Shops, Automotive Trim Shops, Marine Canvas Fabricators, Interior Designers, Manufacturers, and Re-sellers. If you are none of the above call us anyway, we can advise you on your purchase. We will ship product with any credit card order the same day, and after verification we can set up 30 day accounts.
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Domestic Catalog Information

There is a $5.00 USD charge for the Supply Catalog.
There is a $ 5.00 USD non-refundable charge for the Xtreme Vinyl catalog
There is a $25.00 USD deposit per Fabric Stack Book or Vinyl Book.

(This deposit will be credited toward an order after sales of $250 per book have been reached within the first year of account set-up. If you do not achieve $250 in sales in a one year period the deposit is lost. Catalogs may be returned for full credit within an 8 month period from account set-up date.)


International Catalog Information

There is a $10.00 USD charge for the Supply Catalog.
There is a $35.00 USD charge per Fabric Stack Book or Vinyl Book.

(This is a one time non-refundable charge. You are responsible for shipping charges and fees. You can pay by Credit Card or by Bank Transfer. E-mail us for further information on bank transfers.)



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To view individual catalog contents go to our Catalog Center. There you will get a full description of the fabric line featured in these books.



Xtreme Vinyl Catalog

Supply Catalog

Vinyl Fabrics &
Marine Canvas Catalog

Home Jacquard Collection

Chenilles &Textures  #1114

Outdoor Furniture 5

French Linen

290 Contract Tweed


Outdoor Fabrics 7

EZ Vinyl

Home Basic

Outdoor Fabrics

Canvas Catalog

The Look

Home Design
Collection III

Outdoor Fabrics 8

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