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Spray Lacquer – Toner



This product is designed to match color and/or sheen on finished wood projects. Stain Strength, dye based fully transparent toners.

Clean surface to be sprayed

For best results can should be 65° – 90°. Shake well before using for at least one minute after bail rattles to ensure color uniformity. Point opening of spray button toward object, holding can 12 to 14 inches away from surface to be coated. Press spray button firmly. Use steady, even strokes. Several thin coats give a better finish than one heavy coat. Allow coating to become tacky between coats. Clean spray button immediately by spraying with can upside down until no more product comes out. If clogged, remove spray button with a twisting motion and clean. Gently twist button onto can with opening turned away from you.

13 Ounce Aerosol Can or Case of 12 cans.


Additional information

Choose Color

Light Oak/Natural Each, Light Oak/Natural Case, Light Walnut/Colonial Maple Each, Light Walnut/Colonial Maple Case, Dark Red Walnut Each, Dark Red Walnut Case, Perfect Brown Each, Perfect Brown Case, Medium Brown Walnut Each, Medium Brown Walnut Case, Dark Walnut/Oak Each, Dark Walnut/Oak Case, Brown Mahogany Each, Brown Mahogany Case, Red Mahogany Cherry Each, Red Mahogany Cherry Case, Sanding Sealer Each, Sanding Sealer Case, Gloss Clear Each, Gloss Clear Case, Satin Clear Each, Satin Clear Case, Maison Brown Each, Maison Brown Case


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